Our Mission

This website serves to subtly introduce the general public to paranatural concepts through a credible, FIOA compliant archive, but structured in such a way that it is easily dismissable as fiction, allowing for a slow infusion of knowledge of these topics without causing any wide-spread distress. This is in direct response to the Mt. Washington incident, wherein it was determined that a skeptical, but informed public would be a safer one, and generate more reliable leads, increasing the amount of credible inquiries, and decreasing the quantity of "dud" reports.

Classification System

Per order 10609 § 1(b) (May 2, 2023), all documents pertaining to depatrment activities since it's founding in 1961 are actively being made available to the public, in periodic releases per each administrative block processed. They will be grouped into the following categories:

Reports and Investigations

Brief Detailings of paranatural incidents and the investigations therein.


Findings from the research departments within USDAR locations.


Official Mail, memorandums and documentation.


Department work often leads to "duds", hoaxes, dubious reports, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these documents real? Yes, as per order 10609 § 1(b) (May 2, 2023), the department of anomalous research has become known to the public, and all documents released. All information is factual, and pertains to real-life phenomena and concepts discovered and explored since the department's founding.

How do I know this is credible? The goal of this site is to maintain a "feeling" of credibility, without being provedly so, in order to "warm the public up" to paranatural topics without causing mass confusion and fear. The collective conscious and unconscious are powerful tools, and believability needs to be balanced with dubiousness to instill intrigue without causing damage.

Where can I sign up? We are currently hiring for researcher positions, however we operate using a head-hunting system, so it is important for you to be prepared to join our team, but there is no direct way to apply. See our careers page for more information.